Lewis Library of Glasgow, MO

Lewis Library is housed in the original building of Lewis College, which opened in 1867. The historic building's first floor is a modern library with stacks, a youth reading room, and public use computers.

The upper floor, which was the original library of Lewis College, is much as it was in 1891 when the college closed.

The treasures found here include a cannon ball from the Civil War Battle of Glasgow.

This bookcase was made by the father of Edward Wengler and it contains some of the books owned by Dr. Vaughn from his home "Riverside" which stood on the hill above "Vaughn's Pasture" now known as Stump Island.

The pulpit was made by Edward Wengler from a newel post taken from the Pritchett College building. Mr. Wengler was a local undertaker and furniture maker. The pulpit was used in the Methodist Church-North. The bowl on the pulpit was made from wood from the plank road which ran from Glasgow to Huntsville from 1853 to 1864.

The portrait of Benjamin Lewis overlooks the reading room.

Mr. Wengler collected samples of wood from around the world. He made them into cups.There are two cases of cups (appox 200 cups).

The beautiful bust of Kate Swinney Morrison, the mother of Berenice Morrison Fuller, stands in an outer room. Mrs. Fuller grew up in Glasgow on the plantation home of her grandparents, Captain & Mrs William D. Swinney. While traveling in Florence, Italy, Berenice commmissioned the bust of her mother in 1877. The artist worked from a 1850 photo. The bust was shipped to Oswald Swinney at the Swinney home, Eglantine Castle, and stood in the parlor there for 30 years before Berenice donated it to the library. Berenice served on the library board of directors in 1902. She also donated $100,000 toward the building of an observatory for Pritchett College. That observatory is now located in Fayette, MO and used by Central Methodist University. Her husband was the Fuller of Stix, Baer, and Fuller of St. Louis.

Research for this history was compiled by Rachael Scott.

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